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curriculum vitae

Video production / Skydiving / Adventure

Experienced and skilled skydive camera flyer with over 3500 camera jumps. With experience of TV, Commercial and Film camera flying and stunt performing, Freefly team camera, Tandem and AFF camera.

British Skydiving AFF (Accelerated Freefall) Instructor and Coach -

Operating as Light & Shadow Film, I am a freelance Video Director/Producer of high quality promotional videos for small businesses and the charity sector including training, communications, scientific expedition, fundraising and education.

Sponsored Speed Skydiving competitor multiple international and national competition medal winner.


Awarded BPA Taz Causer skydiver of the year  2015 and Royal Aero Club Silver Medal

Skydiving Projects

The Drop - Formula E Commercial - Patriot Films, SA -

released spring '23 - Camera flyer

Apple TV Studios series name TBA - to be released spring '24 – Principal camera flyer, stunt performer.

LADBible/British Army 2021 – Recruitment film. Principal camera flyer.

League of their own, Sky 1 2021 – Romesh Ranganathan skydiving scene. Camera Flyer


CBBC Beyond Bionic series - Winter 2017-18

Presenter Andy Torbet attempts to match the skills of some of natures cleverest animals using technology - Principal camera flyer and 'expert' contributor - Spring 2018

BBC Beyond Bionic Pilot - Speed Skydiving - July 2016

Comparing a speed skydiver to a peregrine falcon. What does it take to go fast. Role: Speed coach and principal camera flyer.

BBC The One Show: Man vs Bird - April 2016

Coaching Andy Torbet BBC presenter and skydiver to go as fast as a peregrine falcon and hit 200mph+. Role: Technical advice, coach and contributor.

Extreme Will Writing - Sept 2015

Remember a Charity - promo/advert to encourage people to leave a charitable donation in their will. Signing a will in freefall. Role: Director of aerial camera and principal camera flyer.

Make your move with RB - July 2015

Recruitment film including skydiving scene. Role: Principal aerial camera. (RB - Global consumer goods company)

Some other previous projects

Kingsman: The secret service, 2013 - Role: Camera flyer on pre-vis shoot.

Gadget Geeks, Sky 1HD - Mind operated parachute deployment - Nov 2011

Sequence including the worlds first mind operated parachute deployment. Role: Camera flyer.


Demo Skydiving for Spirit of Swat festival - Swat Valley, Northern Pakistan - July 2011

Skydive expedition to Pakistan including a series of Demo skydives into the festival of Culture, Arts and Sport. Role: Principal camera flyer


Video production

Operating as Light and Shadow Film.

Freelance video production services. Video Director/Producer. Camera operator, Editor.

Promotional, Documentary, Communications, Funding pitches, Training, Science expedition research and Product videos.

Clients include: Earthwatch, Travizeo, Blue Cross, Ems Physio, Butterware, The Big Lemon, Abingdon Boys School.


TV/Film/Video skills, awards and other experience


Camera operator: DSLR, Cine Cameras, Steadicam. Photography: Competent amateur digital photographer. Editor:

Adobe Creative suite.


Film production: Experience of Lighting on feature film productions. Lighting technician (Two short films and one low budget feature). Also experience of Grip and Sound departments.


Skydiving camera: Aerial camera flying with Cinema Cameras, Cinecamera and DSLR. Also all the usual camcorders and gopro etc..


Other skydiving: Previous UK Speed skydiving record holder 330mph

Speed Skydiving: 3 times National champion, 2015 World Cup silver, 2015 World Air Games bronze, 2016

World Series Winner.


BPA Speed Skydiving representative 2011-2022 - Competitions committee of the British Parachute Association

(British Skydiving) I am part of the team that facilitates competition skydiving in the UK in all disciplines. We allocate sponsorship to successful athletes and organise coaching events and general development of our individual disciplines.

ISSA UK representative - We at the International Speed skydiving Association organise a series of independent

competitions each year called the World Series and supply judging equipment to all international speed skydiving competitions. We are a major part of the development of the discipline and advise the IPC.

IPC Speed committee member.

Skydive qualifications: AFF Instructor, Freefly Coach, Tracking coach. Canopy handling coach, Formation skydiving coach, Demo rating. FF2, FS1, TR3, CT4. FAI D license.


Degree: BA(Hons) Moving Image: Non fiction TV and Video Production.

6 BASE jumps.

Regular article and photography contributor to British Skydiving ‘Skydive the Mag’ and Online ‘Skydive Mag’.


See my LinkedIn profile for more detailed info and links to previous work:

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