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Short Update - Surgery postponed till the 8th Feb

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I had a call from the Hospital this afternoon to say they had to postpone my surgery.

This was not totally unexpected and I was prepared for the possibility by the Hospital. Covid is putting a lot of pressure on ICU and it's the lack of free beds that means I can't go under the knife.

Initially I was a bit upset about the postponement and it left me feeling in limbo with a bit or anxiety buzzing around. I've been so hyper aware of my thoughts and feelings recently I was a bit confused where to go, what to focus on. As the news sank in I realised what it really meant.. I have four more days for preconditioning and four more days at home to spend with the girls. There's a few things I was trying to get done before today that I didn't get finished so in the end it feels like I've been handed four bonus days. In the long term, one two or three postponements won't change much it just means a few more little ups and downs in the rollercoaster.

I will have already experienced the build up of tension that I was experiencing today before the postponement so it will be easier to go through that and I'll be double ready.

So, more HIIT workouts, more Yoga, more sourdough baking, another COVID test, more family time and more Sifaka time.

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